FoldingText for Atom User's Guide

Appendix B: File Format

In this appendix you'll learn about FoldingText Markup Language (FTML) which FoldingText uses to store outlines.

FTML is subset of HTML that FoldingText uses for storing outline data. This means you can open and view your outlines in any web browser, and you can use HTML processing tools to work with them.


    <ul id="FoldingText">
      <li id="my7pJv4v">
      <li id="mJ46JwEv">
          <li id="QyLTkw4v">

Things to notice:

  1. The structure is a nested unordered list.

  2. Each list item has a unique and persistent ID.

  3. The body text of each list item is contained in a p element.

  4. The ul, li, p tag structure is fixed, you can't omit or add new elements into that structure.

  5. Inline text semantics elements are allowed inside the p element (including: a, b, i, etc.). In addition audio, img, video, del, and ins are allowed.

  6. There are two places to store custom data in the format. You can add data attributes to the li elements and you can also add data attributes to the inline elements.