FoldingText for Atom User's Guide

Appendix C: Path Query Parameters

You can create a link from one outline to another:

  1. Select text in one outline

  2. Click the "Edit Link" icon in the formatting popover that displays.

  3. Enter the file path to the outline that you want to open when you click the link.

Getting Outline Paths

To get the path of an open outline use Atom > Edit > Copy Path. This path also includes the search query, hoisted item, and selected item encoded as query parameters. See the next section for more information.

Include Editor State in Paths

You can append URL style query parameters to set state in the outline editor:

  • query - Set the outline search query. For example the path todo.ftml?query=moose opens todo.ftml and sets the search query to "moose".

  • hoisted - Set the hoisted item. For example the path todo.ftml?hoisted=XyW3dHDR opens todo.ftml and hoists the item with id XyW3dHDR. You can also specify the hoisted item in a URL fragment like this: todo.ftml#XyW3dHDR.

  • expanded - Set expanded items. For example the path todo.ftml?expanded=XyW3dHDR opens todo.ftml and expands the item with id XyW3dHDR.

  • selection - Set selected items. For example todo.ftml?selection=XyW3dHDR,0,XyW3dHDR,3 opens todo.ftml and selects characters 0 through 3 of item XyW3dHDR. You don't need to specify all values, for example todo.ftml?selection=XyW3dHDR will select the item with id XyW3dHDR.