FoldingText for Atom User's Guide


FoldingText has two editing modes: text mode and outline mode. Text mode is for editing text, outline mode is for quicker editing of your outline structure. You can see which mode you are in by looking for the text cursor.

Text Mode

This is text mode–the cursor is a thin vertical line:

New Outline

To enter text mode:

  • Press i or a.
  • Press Left or Right arrow key.
  • Press Return to create a new item
  • Click with mouse on text that you wish to edit.

Formatting Text

To format text in text mode select it and then:

  • Command-B to bold text.
  • Command-I to italicize text.
  • Command-U to underline text.
  • Command-Shift-K to insert and edit links.
  • Control-C to clear text formatting.

FoldingText supports most HTML5 inline text semantics tags. Commands to toggle these tags are availible through Atom's Command-Shift-P command pallet. For example use "toggle subscript" to format subscript text.

Outline Mode

This outline mode–the selected item is fully highlighted:

New Outline

To escape to outline mode:

  • Press the Escape key.
  • Extend the selection over multiple items.

Modes and Keyboard Shortcuts

You can assign keyboard shortcuts to a specific mode. For example outline mode enables a number of single character keyboard shortcuts including:

  • t To edit tags
  • . To expand and collapse
  • space To toggle complete status