FoldingText for Atom User's Guide

Why FoldingText for Atom

In 2007 I created TaskPaper in response to what I thought were overly complex "todo" apps at the time. TaskPaper is a plain text format together with a syntax highlighting editor. It presents your todo's in a text outline without any "user interface" in the way.

I then began a long journey of trying to extend TaskPaper's plain text outline interface to do more. I added more outliner features. I added outline filtering. I addopted Markdown syntax. The end result is FoldingText for Mac.

At some point TaskPaper's original design became a liability. It started as a simplifying factor that put the user in control. But each new feature needed a new syntax rule. Eventaully all those rules created more complexity then they solved.

A New Start

FoldingText for Atom is a restart.

I've zoomed back to 2007 and taken the simple text outline that I liked so much about TaskPaper. But I ditched the plain text editor interface. And restarted with a more traditional outliner editor interface.

For the last year I've been zooming forward again. Redoing the features that I added to TaskPaper over the years. But this time without the need that they work in a syntax highlighting plain text editor.

It's been a wonderfuly simplifiying process. There's still lots to do, but I think the foundation is ready.